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VL, beer coolers

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Buying Beer Keg Coolers made easy
When you are ready to enjoy your favorite draft beer in the comfort of your own home by adding a beer keg fridge to your home bar, visit us online. We're pleased to offer an array of keg fridges including those that fit under your counter, single and multi tap keg fridges, and those that are perfect for outdoor refreshments and entertaining.

Beer Keg Cooler Kegerator

Beer Cooler

Save with a kegerator
Tailgate, Kegger Kit
Tailgate, Kegger Kit
  Summit Undercounter Keg Refrigerator
Keg Refrigerator
This is your complete setup for your back yard kegger, house party or tailgate party. This kit comes with the tap and a keg bag to make sure your beer stays cold. Forget the hassle of renting a tap from you beer store and making sure you return it on time. Gone are the days of wrapping a blanket around your keg to keep it cold. Just put your keg in the keg bag and fill with ice.
  This Summit beer cooler is the perfect solution for those who want to install a beer cooler into cabinetry. The beer tower can be easily removed from the unit and mounted directly to your countertop. The compressor for this unit is fan cooled and is necessary to leave a 1/4" gap around the sides of the unit to allow the unit to breath and to make it easier to install.
Keg Cooler
Beer Keg Cooler
  Beer Keg Cooler
Beer Keg Cooler
Accommodates 1/4 20 or 30 liter beer kegs. Stainless Steel door. Co2 tank and all hardware included Co2 requires charging. 2 Cantilever wire shelves. Auto Cycle Defrost. Scratch resistant work top. Reversible door hinge. Molded worktop. Chrome guard rail included. Black/Chrome beer tower dispenser. Drip tray included.
  Capacity: 1/2 barrel keg Black cabinet with stainless steel door Automatic defrost Co2 tank and all hardware included (Co2 tank requires charging) Includes 2-1/2 cantilever wire shelves for use in all refrigerator mode Reversible door hinge Scratch resistant worktop Chrome guardrail included Drip tray included.
Personal Kegerator  Belgian Beer  British Beer  German Beer
Sanyo Beer Cooler
Sanyo Beer Cooler
$931.91 Sale $716.81
  Keg Pal Personal Kegerator
Keg Pal Personal Kegerator

$149.95 On Sale $128.65
4 Casters for Portability Complete CO2 Tap System with Cleaning Kit & Beer FAQ Guide Holds Up To Half-Barrel Keg( approximately 6.5 Cu. Ft. UL Approved Pressure Regulator Pressure Gauge Draft Arm Sankey Type Keg Tapper
  What if you want to chill and serve your favorite beer or wine -- instantly? How can you cool a keg of beer without a tub of ice? The new KegPal will do all that in seconds! Just connect a keg or bottles to the KegPal and pump it. Then open the tap for your ice-cold beverage.
Beer:  2nd Shift Abita Anchor Anderson Valley Arcadia Avery Ayinger Bard's Bat Creek Beck's Belhaven Bell's Big Sky Bitburger Boulevard Brasserie Dieu du Ciel Brasserie Dupont Breckenridge Carlsberg Cathedral Square Chang Chimay Clown Shoes Dark Horse Delirium Deus Deschutes Dixie Duchess of Burgundy Duvel Estrella Galacia Flying Dog Franziskaner Weisbeer Foster's Founders Fuller's Ale Goose Island Gouden Carolus Grand Teton Great Divide Green Flash Griesedieck Guinness Harp Harviestoun He'brew Hitachino Hoegaarden Hofbrauhaus Jolly Pumpkin Kasteel Kronenbourg Kwak La Chouffe Lagunitas Lakefront Left Hand Lindemans Leinenkugel Lost Coast Magic Hat Menabrea Monchshof Monk's Café Murphy's Nectar Ales New Belgium Brewing Newcastle Brown Ale North Coast O'dells O'Fallon Old Speckled Hen Ommegang Paulaner Peroni Petrus Port Brewing Rebel Reissdorf Kolsch Samichlaus Samuel Adams Samuel Smith Schlafly Schlenkerla Urbock Schneider Shiner Shipyard Sierra Nevada Six Row Ska Brewing Smithwicks Smuttynose Southern Tier Spaten St. Peter's Staropramen Stevens Point Stone Sunner Kolsch Tall Grass Timisoreana Tsing Tao Tucher Unibroue Urban Chesnut Urquel Warsteiner Weihenstephaner Weltenburger Westmalle Trappist Ale Triple Weston Brewing Wychwood Xingu Best Selling Beer
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