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The oldest still in operation today is Boulder Brewery in Colorado, which opened in 1979.

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The Coyolar farm is in a remote region of Honduras and has some of the most ideal soil for growing fine tobacco leaf in the Central America. The Camacho Coyolar Puro is full-bodied and full-flavored. It is very spicy and very rich with a long and stout finish. Those aficionados who enjoy the Corojo line by Camacho, or any of their other full-bodied blends will appreciate the Coyolar Puro. A Bold, Strong, Full-Body Cigar! The Camacho Coyolar again will set new standards with it's bold full body taste.
Honduran, Natural:
Perfecto No. 1, Rothschild, Super Toro, Titan, Torpedo

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Camacho Camacho, a truly superb tasting fully aged cigar, is known for making cigars with lots flavor and power and the new Coyolar Puro blend is no exception. The Coyolor Puro is one of the world’s most unique cigars. For years, Camacho has been well known for calling the Ranchos Jamastran factory and fields home.  Camacho
Camacho Cigar Sampler SetCamacho Sampler
Camacho Sampler (5 Cigars) Includes 5 cigars made by the creators of Camacho. Includes one each: Danli Reserve Toro, La Fontana Da Vinci, Camacho Corojo Figurado, Camacho Corojo Ltd. Diploma, & Camacho Havana Corona.
Retail Value $24.20 sale Price $19.95!

Our Sol Cubano Samplers and  Camacho Cigar samplers are a very unique gift to try many cigar brands and appeal to all types of cigar enthusiasts.
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