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VL, gaming furniture
Game Tables
These fabulous game tables are the perfect fit into the bachelor or married man's home.
Louis XII Cognac Gift Set, gift box
After mixing up some drinks at your home bar, go sit down and play your game of choice on one of our cool game tables.

 Game Tables
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VL, gaming furniture

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Gaming Furniture

Everything you need to put Vegas nightlife right into your game room. Stylish gaming furniture can dramatically enhance your recreation room and provide hours of entertainment. Solid oak and maple furniture is an affordable investment in quality that can last a lifetime with proper care. A large selection of bars and bar stools, bistro and gaming tables.
Poker Chip Set
Poker Chip Set
List Price: $345.00
On Sale $49.99
Take your next poker event to the next level with this Holdem 500-piece poker chip set. The set comes complete with a protective aluminum carrying case. Lined in green felt, it holds 500 chips, two decks of cards and five dice..

Tahoe Gaming Bar Cabinet
Tahoe Gaming Bar Cabinet

List Price: $825.00
On Sale $635.00
The Tahoe Gaming Bar has everything you need to entertain at home. Featuring boards for 3 popular games: Roulette, Black Jack and Craps, it includes chips, cards and dice.

Cherry Game Table

Oak Game Table

Trademark Poker Texas Hold`em Pro Dealer Kit
List Price: $30.00
On Sale $19.99
Deal out the greatest game of Texas Hold'em with the help of this Professional Dealer's kit from Trademark Poker.
For the home user or for the dealer on the move

Poker Tables
BlackJack Table

List Price: $399.99
On Sale $299.99
Simulated after the same tables used in Las Vegas casinos, this handsome table is made from heavy duty 1-inch thick wood and assembled with an easy to use screw cam construction. The surface is covered with high quality green felt and is complete with standard blackjack markings just like in the real casinos.
Folding Poker Table
Folding Poker Table

with 4 Matching Chairs
Price: $519.00
If you don't have a poker table yet, the time is now! You and your guests can play cards with style and complete with a real casino look and feel!
Poker Tables
Pedestal Poker Table

with 4 Matching Chairs
Price: $972.00
The chair seat color and wood will match the options chosen for the table. Additional chairs available separately. Kestell is well known for its quality poker tables in the world!
Bar Furniture
Are you interested in purchasing bar furniture for your home? Are you trying to decide between bar stools or counter stools, or thinking of getting a bistro table or a game table? Then take a look below at our furniture selection.  Bar Furniture
Everything you'll need for entertaining your friends and family. Bar furniture and items for stocking your home bar, glassware, shakers, liquors, mixers, cordials and even bar decor.  Bar
Poker Chips and Casino Supply
We Have Clay Poker Chips, Texas Holdem, Chip Sets, Casino Quality Poker Chips, Poker Chip Cases, Kem and Bicycle Playing Cards, Gambling Books, and other Casino Accessories.
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