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VL, old favorite candies
Chocolate Gift baskets
Choose from our variety of beautiful Chocolate Gift Baskets. Perfect gifts for anyone who loves chocolate! Our gift baskets are filled with delicious fine chocolates and handsomely decorated for any occasion.
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secure online ordering at Beer LiquorsBe sure to visit our Gift Center pages where you will find great gifts at discounted prices. Visit us often for an exciting experience. 
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VL, old favorite candies

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Old Fashioned Candies Shopping made easy
We are actually in the "memory business." It is our hope that you will enjoy the candy and at the same time, take a trip down "memory lane." Our Candy you ate as a kid® packages make wonderful gifts when you just don't know what to buy someone. Everyone loves candy... especially candy you ate as kid.


candy cigarettes
Candy Cigarettes

  Chocolate Cigarettes
Chocolate Cigarettes

We would always buy candy cigarettes and pretend like we were grown up adults out on the town. We would hold them as we had seen our mothers hold real cigarettes and blow imaginary smoke rings.
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  I remember the day I was at the mall. My grandmother took me to see this new candy store. Every kind of candy you could imagine. There was only one candy that caught my eye though, Chocolate Cigarettes.
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Spirited Treats
it's a girl boy bubble gum cigars
It's a Girl
It's a Boy
  Bubble Gum Cigars
Bubble Gum Cigars

Filled with Asbach brandy, the number one brandy in Germany, Dark chocolate. Makes a great holiday gift, or after-dinner treat. These German chocolate "bottles" are filled with the finest brandy. An ingenious arrangement of liqueurs, chocolates, and holiday treats. Makes a great holiday gift
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  Give a gift that’ll be easy to enjoy anywhere, especially on the go. Wrapped in teal and green seasonal designs are three solid milk chocolate and three solid dark chocolate bars, each 1.5 oz. An excellent stocking stuffer or party favor. Kosher OU-D.
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Liqueur Chocolate    Gourmet Chocolate    Liquor Chocolate
Strong Mint Gum
Strong Mint Gum
Free Shipping
  Smoke Screen Gum
Smoke Screen Gum
Free Shipping
The first mainstream gum for the breath conscious consumer that is not only Sugarfree, but also Aspartame Free. Also sweetened with Xylitol, ZAPP has quickly become a favorite for trend conscious consumers that are tired of the same old gums on the market. ZAPP has a cool, refreshing mint flavor.
  The first gum designed to reduce the aftertaste from smoking cigarettes and cigars. For years, consumers of tobacco have relied on inferior products that don't specifically address their needs. Those days are now behind us. SmokeScreen is a Sugarfree and Aspartame-Free strong mint gum.
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