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 Italian Liqueur

Sambuca, Romana Sambuca, black

Sambuca is a liqueur produced by the infusion of Witch Elder bush and Licorice. The name 'Sambuca' originates from the scientific name for the elder tree, 'Sambuca Nigra', which grows abundantly throughout Italy. The oil from the elder tree is used in the production of Sambuca as also are the white elder blossoms which, after distillation, along with the anise seeds and various other ingredients, create Sambuca unique flavor.

Few Italian liqueurs are as popular as Sambuca.

Price:  $29.85. To order click Buy It, Now!
CLEAR Oily, fusel, sweet anise aromas. Thick, sweet and viscous with a distinctly oily note through the finish
Price:  $29.85. To order click Buy It, Now!

MOLINARI SAMBUCAFrom the original Molinari family
Price:  $25.00. To order click Buy It, Now!

BASILICA SAMBUCA Price:  $18.33 Buy White  Buy Black

OPAL NERO SAMBUCA Dark purple-red hue. Sweet cordial and licorice aromas. Very hot and spicy on the palate with a heavy note of black licorice that lingers on the finish. Thick, sweet and syrupy. Quite complex. Price:  $26.66. To order click Buy It, Now!


You can browse our large selection of Sambuca, learn about these Distilleries, production regions... and when ready, just buy them. To order click "Buy it, Now". 

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