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 Shochu is Japan 's other indigenous alcoholic beverage, but unlike sake, shochu is distilled. It is made from one of several raw materials (rice, barley, sweet potato to name a few) and each of these gives a very distinctive flavor and aroma profile to the shochu.

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Takara Jun Shochu


takara shochu jun
Takara Jun Shochu

Takara Jun Shochu
The Takara brand of shochu was first distilled in 1842, in Kyoto's Fushimi district. Since then, Takara has steadily produced high-quality shochu using innovative fermenting and distilling technologies. In 1909, Takara created a new type of shochu, known today as korui shochu. The huge success enjoyed by this new variety led to Takara's incorporation in 1925. The next major revolution at Takara was the 1977 release of the Jun brand of shochu, whose crystal clarity and refreshing taste helped fuel an upward trend in demand for shochu that persists to this day. They continue to employ unique manufacturing processes to develop new shochu products, such as Jun Legend and Honkaku Kome Shochu Yokaichi, and to explore the possibilities of this distinctive Japanese liquor. Grain, water, and microorganisms - blessed by nature's bounty, Takara boasts a broad spectrum of businesses encompassing alcoholic beverages, seasonings and beverages, and raw alcohol. As part of a new marketing philosophy adopted in 1994, they developed a number of environmental strategies, including the relaunch of Jun in returnable bottles.
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Takara Shochu Jun
Since its release in 1977, Takara Shochu Jun has enjoyed the patronage of many customers. Takara has created a whole new category of bottled shochu, such as Takara Shochu Jun, a traditional seller that will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2007 and Shochu JAPAN with a stylish design and a mellow refreshing taste. The Kurokabegura brewery, located in Takanabe-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu which is known as a famous shochu brewing district, is the only Takara Shuzo facility to produce aged mature shochu and supply it to factories across the country. At the Kurokabegura brewery, techniques and expertise accumulated from the past experience of experts have been passed down and masterly skills are inherited.

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