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VL, dom perignon
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VL, dom perignon

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Dom Perignon Gift Baskets


Dom Perignon is the prestige cuvée of the giant Moët et Chandon Champagne house. It is named after the famous monk from the Hautvillers' monastery, who was the most important early influence in the development of Champagne into the sparkling wine we know today. To accompany your mouth-watering selection of the finest champagnes in your Dom Perignon gift basket, there are wonderful little "treats" that you may snack on while enjoying the most famous champagne in the world.
Champagne Luxury
Dom Perignon Luxury

from $169.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
While recipients toast the good fortune of your friendship, they will enjoy delicate Phoenician pastries, imported caviar, crackers, smoked salmon, Camembert, nuts & snacks...

Champagne & Caviar

Don Perignon, Champagne Gift Set
Dom Perignon Champagne Brut 2009
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
Dom Perignon, the prestige cuvée of the giant Moët et Chandon Champagne house in its original green gift box

Champagne Gift Sets

Perrier Jouet Belle epoque Gift Set
Champagne & Flutes Gift Set

Including Dom Perignon
From $84.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!

Dom Perignon Champagne and Caviar Gift Basket
Dom Perignon Champagne & Caviar

Buy It, Now! | More Info!
Arriving in a beautiful presentation box, a bottle of Dom Perignon with Osetra Caviar and everything to to serve, taste, and enjoy it.

Champagne Wishes Gift Basket
Dom Perignon Wishes

from $89.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
Joining your choice of Champagne are  Specialties' champagne cream chocolate enrobed truffles, crackers, cranberry-almond snack mix, Rothschild's raspberry wasabi dipping mustard, pretzels...

Champagne & Chocolate
Dom Perignon 2003
Dom Perignon Champagne Basket

Buy It, Now! | More Info!
This is a large gift, filled with premium gourmet treats, perfect for lovers of fine foods. Accompanying this 2006 Vintage Dom Perignon is a bottle of the highly regarded Groth Cabernet Sauvignon.
Champagne & Chocolate
Champagne & Chocolate

from $69.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
Domaine Ste Michelle Sparkling Wine or Dom Perignon Champagne, your choice.
Dom Perignon Gift Baskets
Dom Pérignon was the 17th century Benedictine monk who has gone down in history as the person who "invented" Champagne. The world's finest Champagne, Dom Perignon, is known for its hallmark pinpoint bubbles, citrus flavors and creamy, toasty finish.
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