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Distilling Machine

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If you can't afford a trip to the liquor store, come and visit us. You'll find here, one of the most extensive selections of liquors on Internet with delivery to most States.
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A Practical Handbook on the Distillation of Alcohol from Farm Products

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Miniature Distilling Machine

Distillation is a simple physical process. It is based on the fact that alcohol and water boil at different temperatures, water at 100C, alcohol at 78.3C. If a fermented liquid is heated, the vapor containing the alcoholic constituents is released first. It can then be trapped and cooled, then condensed to an alcoholic liquid.  


Miniature Distilling Machine! Price:  $229.95  On Sale $199.99

Turn wine into brandy with our Miniature Distilling Machine, The chemistry set for connoisseurs. Satisfy your thirst for experimentation and for good, full-proof spirits!
This home alcohol distillery will produce brandy, cognac, grappa or eaux de vie from your favorite fermented beverages. This is a working version of the professional apparatus used by the world's finest distilleries. Put in your favorite wine, aperitif, beer, ale or stout and transform them into hearty grappas (by adding water), eau de vies (by adding fruit juice), distilled brandies and whiskeys. Crafted in Italy with style and precision, it makes a fascinating display.

Note: Under the laws of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, this still is exempt from regulations for setting up and registration of distilling apparatus provided that it is not used for distilling.

Moonshine Maker! Price:  $229.95  On Sale $199.99  

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I have to say this is exceptional. I have ordered many things from the internet, and never before have I received such a beautiful product.
Thanks again. Keep up the good work!
Robert B., Salisbury, Ma.

How to Make Quality Liquors & Cordials at Home
It is simple to make quality liqueurs and cordials that are very similar to store-bought brands at home. In fact, many "home brews" are much better! They are very economical at a cost of as little as one-fourth or less of an in-store brand. They are fun to make and are an excellent way to express your creativity. With a little practice and patience, you can be producing liqueurs and cordials specifically tailored to your taste.

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