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VL, Valentine's day chocolate
Valentine's Day Roses
Red Roses  Bouquet for Valentine's Day
Red Roses Bouquet

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VL, Valentine's day chocolate

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Valentine's Day Chocolate Shopping made easy
What a great way to say "I love you" These Valentine's Day Chocolate send a message of love.  Combine three traditional Valentine's Day gifts in one — Dom Perignon champagne, chocolate and roses. This year, present your Valentine with the gift of all things chocolate. Being in love is never forgetting that special little detail that keep your story alive.

Valentine's Day Chocolate

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Date for Two
Valentine's Date for Two

Only $79.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
A personalized fleece blanket, name-brand chocolates, fondue, and more for the perfect stay-at-home Valentine's gift.

Chocolate-Dipped Wine
Chocolate-Dipped Wine
From $39.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
Savor the taste of a crisp Champagne or a fine wine paired with rich, decadent dark chocolate. It is grand, glorious, gorgeous, gigantic and gourmet!

Be my Valentine Petit Four
Be My Valentine Petits Fours
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
This assortment of Be My Valentine Petits Fours will bring a smile to anyone's face. A gift box of delicious handmade treats in three irresistible flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Raspberry.

Wine & Chocolate for Valentine's Day
Wine & Chocolate for Valentine's Day

Only $69.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
You will laugh, you will strip, and you will eat delicious chocolate in new and different ways!
Romantic Chocolate
Romantic zChocolat Box
From $64.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
Say "je t'aime" with a 12-piece chocolate collection and express your deepest feelings with an elegant display of romance and devotion. 12 delectable heart-shaped chocolates declined in a quartet of dark, milk, white and daring red robe.
Chocolate Heart Box
zChocolat Open your Heart

From $99.95
Buy It, Now! | More Info!
Dazzle your Valentine this year with the most romantic present of French chocolate and let your gift be the one to say "I love you"! Perfect marriage of dark chocolate and a sensual praliné in a large mahogany box handcrafted in France.
Personalized Wine Bottle
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